Editing one occurrence (item) within a Repeating Event Series utilizing Calendar List

I am using Nintex Forms and Workflow for a Leave Request/Approval Process that utilizes a Sharepoint Calendar List so we may sync the leave with our Outlook Calendar.

The process of inputting leave requests, securing approval and syncing with Outlook works perfectly. We have an issue when it comes to events that need to be entered as a Series.


The Series itself will input and work through the approval process. Once approved it will load to the Outlook calendar as well. The series will display appropriately on the weekly date., If a user needs to make a change to an item in the series we run into issues.


It will not allow us to edit an item, just the series itself. This process gets complicated because in order to sync correctly with Outlook we are bound to only a few fields - Title, Start Time and End Time. In order for the data to sync to Outlook we MUST use these fields so we have a lot of manipulation going on in the background to set/reset these fields so the data appears correctly in Outlook.


We can open the item, make changes on the form, but once we attempt to save, the save itself errors.


Doe anyone have any codeless solutions that would assist us in figuring out why we get a failure to save error (generic - no error message that offers any direction) when attempting to edit an item in the series?

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