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Create workflow for Agenda Items for Meetings and Disposition

New Nintex user here. The requirement stems from a replacement for workspace in SharePoint. Host has a weekly meeting with documents that need to be review. They are uploaded as an agenda item in a document library. Each new agenda item a meeting date is selected. 


Each time a new document is uploaded, I need a page to be created or the item placed in the already exisiting page. I have the sort and group feature on, however, a new page that includes attendee information, disposition, etc needs to also be viewed.

(Ex. Article 11 to be reviewed on 5/11/19, Article 12b to be reviewed on 5/12/19, Article 13 to be reviewed on 5/11/19 -- Article 11 and Article 13's document will both be viewed/ sorted into a page created for 5/11/19 Agenda Items. 

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