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CSS Styling - Nintex Forms Classic 2016

Hey folks! I'm working on branding a Nintex Form template (classic mode) for a client and want to do things such as:


1. Change the colour of the icon in the repeating section row.

2. Change the hover and focus input colours for people picker fields.

3. Change the hover, first child, selected child colour for drop-down menus.

Now, these are desktop only forms and typically I understand that these facets are controlled by the browser/Nintex defaults. However, we want the form branding to be consistent regardless of site branding and regardless of browser experience. 


Ideally, we'd have permenant styling that was applied not through classes but directly to controls as they are dropped from the menu. So far I've managed to accomplish permenant styles for text input, buttons and the datepicker, but choice and people fields elude me, as do labels, and the repeating section icon, which uses an image, could be tricky. I'm not a CSS pro by any means. Even sharing the ui classes for these properties could potentially save me a bunch of time.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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