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Parse Salesforce Contract field with Json data


I'm having a specific use-case/requirement
regarding pdf generation in Salesforce. This requirement is essential in
our search for the right document generation partner. I hope the nintex community might help and would be able to give some information/insights on this particular requirement.

Straight to the point, the requirement:

• We have a text field on the Salesforce Contract object in containing JSON
data (from an integration). This JSON data has a certain structure (non-linear) and can, in some cases, have more (or less) key-value pairs in it.
• When generating a pdf based on the Contract data, we would like to transform
the JSON and show it as a table inside the PDF. As already said, the JSON
is “dynamic” and, as such, the table in the generated pdf should be able to
show/hide columns/rows dynamically.

Is this a feature that Nintext DocGen (for Salesforce) is able to provide out of the box? Is there
any need for customisations to achieve this? If so, which ones? 


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