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How can I append attachment ID to template

We are attempt to append the unique attachment ID to an estimate template however the field tagger field is only yielding the letters "ID". Is there a way to make this work? 

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Re: How can I append attachment ID to template


You will need to add the Attachment as a related item to the main object you are running the DDP from. For example, I have a DDP setup on my Opportunity Object and I want to capture the attachments on that opportunity as you've stated. 

First I create the DDP to run against the Opportunity. Then I setup a relationship where I have the Opportunity, I want the Attachment, and its relationship is the Parent ID of the related list (which is the Opportunity). 

This should be completely doable

Once I do that, in the field tagger, if I select the Attachment object, I can see a host of fields from the attachment list that I can grab and pull into my document.

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