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Nintex Newbie

"Start a workflow" action on Nintex O365



I have 2 lists on SharePoint online (List A and B). i am trying to use the action "Start Workflow" on list A, so once i create an item on List A it should trigger the workflow on List B for a specific item.


I am getting an error saying "Item does not exist...." I already used the ID and GUID but same error.


please find attached screenshots. can you please advise what is wrong here on this action?


note: there is no place to mention the list name, i.e. destination list name which is "List B"...


I need an answer please urgently!


thanks a lot!





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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: "Start a workflow" action on Nintex O365

The list name is not required. If the workflow is on a list in the same site then there will be no issues.

If you hard code the item ID instead of using a reference does that work?
Does an item with that ID that you are using exist in list B?
Does the user configured in the connection have access to list B?
Sometimes when you get a "does not exist" error it can be misleading and its actually a permissions error. the item cannot be found because it cannot be accessed.
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