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list lookup blank first value

In Nintex Forms for Office 365, new responsive designer, I have a list lookup where the user selects from a drop-down menu.  Depending on what the user selects, I want long text message to display on another part of the form.  I used another list lookup control.  It uses a variable created by the first list lookup to filter from a list and returns the value of the long text.


The problem is that it does not display that text immediately. It displays blank, and the text is available in the drop-down options.  I do not want the user to have to select it from the drop-down.  I want the long text to display immediately and have no option to select anything else.


 Any way to fix this?  Maybe I can do this a different way, without a list lookup?

I will attach a couple screen shots.  See how I have to click the dropdown in order to see the long text that I want to display?



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Nintex Newbie

Re: list lookup blank first value

What you need is the "lookup" runtime function.

Then you can use a form Rule something like:
If listbox1 is filled then longtextfield is assigned lookup(list,listbox1,lookup_column,output_column)

According to the Nintex production manager, it is currently under development. No word on a release date yet.
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Re: list lookup blank first value

Do you mind sharing your form with me? I think you may be able to use that variable in a label instead of a dropdown to achieve a similar thing. Another thought would be to have the dropdown hidden, then use a calculated control to equal the value of the dropdown.


In theory, this should NOT be a control but a rule handling the description of label popup based in the users' inputs.

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