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Publish page via workflow

Is it possible to publish a page via workflow that is not in the same site?

Surrounding conditions:

Office 365 

List and page not within same site.



Within the list there is a column "URL" that contains the different URLs for the different pages.

Workflow should start manually on a list entry publishing the site that is listed within column "URL".



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Re: Publish page via workflow

Perhaps you could solve it by using the CheckOut currentItem Action, then calling an HTTP Webservice action using the checkin() REST API

http://mysite/_api/web/getfilebyserverrelativeurl('relativeUrl/document file name')/CheckIn(comment='RESTCheckin',checkintype=1)

where '1' gives me a major version.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Publish page via workflow

I was able to checkout the page with the "Office 365 check out items" action.

But how do I publish the page? Could you describe the HTTP webservice a little more?

Thanks in advance.

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