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Workflow Hero

Nintex for Microsoft Planner and Project Online

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Dear All,

We are seeking to finding solution to improve demand management processes within our organization based on agile model

The requests coming from ABC sectors for IT to implement certain requirements, the team plans quarterly based on priority;

The salient features include but not limited to the following

1) Task assignment

2) Timesheet

3) Reporting

4) Integration to testing software

5) priority changes

The team does not like to use project professional software which is very cumbersome to use, planner is good but it lacks a lot of features, do Nintex supports integration of some sort between planner, sharepoint online and Project Online

I know its all very high level ideas something to work on direction


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Workflow Hero

Re: Nintex for Microsoft Planner and Project Online

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If you are using Nintex for O365 I would recommend just using the SharePoint Tasks List with the Nintex Task Workflow Action. This way you can utilize all the nice functions of it like reminders, escalations and lazy approvals. You can also customize the task forms in with Nintex Forms and get mobile integration using the Nintex Mobile App. 

I would leave planner out but if you wanted to use it right now the integration would come from the Planner REST API. You would just need to use the web services action to make your connections, but IMO it would a lot unneeded overhead.

I know there is Nintex for project server, but this is more for on prem. But again you could tap into the online APIs or use Nintex Workflow Cloud and build an Xtension(s) into Project Server.

The short answer is Yes you can integrate, but right now it would be using web service calls.