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Is it possible to assign Text field value to Calculated field through custom Javascript code in Nintex Form?

Hi Everyone,

I have one requirement in Nintex Form for office 365 where I have to copy the entered data in Text Field value to another text field and calculated field and am trying to achieve to this through custom java script code and am able to copy the data from one text field to another text field but not able to assign the value to calculated field. And calculated field already contains one formula for sum of two text box fields.

If any one knows the answer, please suggest me whether it's possible or not? If yes please suggest me the answer.

Thanks and Regards,

Karthik R

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Re: Is it possible to assign Text field value to Calculated field through custom Javascript code in Nintex Form?

Hello Everyone,

Here from the above screenshot. "Division Total in $" is a Text Box field and "Total in $" is calculated field and my requirement is what ever the value comes to "Division Total in $" field, I have to add/copy the same data to the "Total in $" calculated field through custom JavaScript. And In this calculated field also I have written one formula for addition/sum of "Division Total in $" field and "Other Div C/L in $" field so at any cost I have to achieve my requirement through custom Javascript.

Am using "Store Client ID in JavaScript variable" property in the Advanced section of the control and using that variable name am trying to assign the value of Text box field to calculated column value with the below Javascript code.

Javascript code:

NWF$(document).ready(function () {
NWF$('#'+txtTradeApplyingamount).change(function() {
var TradeDivisionTotal = NWF$('#'+txtTradeApplyingamount).val();

Here "txtTradeApplyingamount" is client ID variable name of Text Box and "txtTradeDivisionTotal" is client ID variable of the calculated field column.

The above same code is working for coping data/value of calculated column value to text box field but Text box to calculated field is not working so I wanted to check with you that assigning value to Calculated column through custom Javascript is possible or not. I mean is it supported in Nintex Form?

Thanks and Regards,

Karthik R

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