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Hiding/Showing a panel based on multiple possible drop down answers?

I currently have a list of 3 questions with drop downs. Each question has 3 possible options for answers. I've used the following formula to hide the panels based on 3 of the outcomes:

Whatkindoftimeframewouldyoulikeforimplementationoftheimprovement!="Longer term timeline (>4 months)"||
HowmanyBusinessUnitswouldthisimprovementspan!="1-3 different Business Units"||
Howcanwehelp!="I'd like to be coached through the process"

This is successful when those answers are selected, however, there are 27 possible outcomes. Is there a way to write 1 rule for each panel that covers all possible choices?

The 4 possible outcomes are: Belt, Event, and Project.

The possible answers to the 3 questions are as follows:

1. Timeframe?: "Longer term timeline (>4 months); "Quickly (1 month)"; "Somewhere in between (1-3 months)"

2. BU's: "1-3 different Business Units"; "1-2 different Business Units"; "2-4+ different Business Units"

3. Help: "I'd like to be coached..etc"; "I'd like access to...etc"; "I'd like someone to...etc"

Based on the combination of answers, I'd like either the panel for Belt, Event, or Project to display.

Is that possible with one rule per panel? Is that even possible?

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