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Approve Reject Buttons On Nintex Form (Assign A Task Action)

In My scenario, i need to get three approvals from three users. Ther for I have used Assign A Task action on Nintex Workflow (O365 Workflow) and Whenever the request approval action fires I get the Task Email as usual. But I want to embed the Approve and Reject Button on to Nintex Form instead of opening the Task Form. Can anyone help me with this?

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Workflow Hero

Re: Approve Reject Buttons On Nintex Form (Assign A Task Action)


Well, that is feasible. To achieve that however do not use the "Assign task" action, but simply send e-mail to all users ("Send email" action) and then put buttons on your form ("Save and submit" ones) bond to a single numerical (for example) column. Then either use "Wait for item change" action, to hold workflow until someone clicks the button, what will write a specific value to that column or wait specific time.

Anyway - pause workflow, after it unpauses check if all answers are registered. If yes - move on, if not - go back to waiting.

You can do that with a state machine or a loop, with a boolean variable that indicates whether it should stop looping or not.



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