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I'm looking for some help on updating the repeating section of a form with a new child node or entry.

I have an Order list and an items list.  The Orders list has a repeating section of items hooked up to the Item list ID using a lookup. 

When a user is creating a new item in the items list, I have the ability for them to automatically add this new item to an existing Order and intending to do this via the workflow on the Items list to update the Orders repeating section.

I can't seem to find any info on how to use the Update XML O365 function to add a new child node to the Orders repeating sections XML.  First section of parameters asks for an XML Source - Existing SharePoint Content but I'm not sure what format this should be in or how to reference the field.

Any pointers much appreciated.

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Re: update xml repeating section

Hi Michael, 

To inspect the structure of a Repeating section, what you'll want to do is connect the existing controls to a plain text multi line column in your SharePoint list. That column can be hidden as all it is used for is to show you how the XML nodes are constructed in the repeating section. If you email yourself the output of one of those columns for a list item, you'll see how to structure a new row of data in the repeating section. To make sure the new row is added to the end, you can get a count of a node type in the XML output and then at the end of that loop, append the new row of data. 

Thank you,


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