Repeating Section data displayed as a table in SharePoint list


I've seen many posts relating to how Repeating Section data can be displayed in the SharePoint list in the form of a table. Many of the steps assume prior knowledge and/or admin rights to install apps or upload something.

I am very new to this and while I understand some of what has been outlined, for the rest of the instructions/images, it would help to know how to configure them. Would it be too much to request for some help in how to do this?


I am creating an Overtime Request Form. In the repeating section, I have a calculated field (OTHours) that calculates the time requested based on the start and end date & times. I also have another calculated field that displays the OTHours in days:hrs:mins format. I have a calculated field outside the repeating section (TotalHours) that sums all the OTHours requested.


OT Repeating SectionOT Repeating SectionI would be grateful for help in getting this section, including the calculated fields, to display in the list as a table.


I have been able to collect this information in the list as a multli-line text field, but it has XML data.


Multi-line Text Field in List.JPG


Using Query XML, Join Items in Collection & Update List Item, I have been able to display each field in the repeating section in the list in a text field, except for the calculated fields.Parsing XML data.JPG


Here is how the fields look like in the list:

Repeating Section fields in list.JPG

The two calculated fields OTHrs and OTinDaysHrsMins do not show up.

I would like to be able to list them too, just like the other fields from the repeating section.


In addition, I would like to display all this info together as a table in one field.


In another repeating section, when I use these steps to display the data in the list,  I see this:

Reg Shift Details.JPG

This is information from a choice control in another repeating section.

How can I get this to display without ";#", except a ";" to separate only the rows?


Thank you all for your time and patience.


A struggling newbie!

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