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O365 Query List with empty fields

Scenario - Site workflow on the top level site collection that has two lists on it. The workflow should run daily and loop through all subsites under the site collection and O365 Query list on each subsite to get items that have been changed in the last 24 hours. It should then take those items that have changed and update the specific list on the top level site with the fields gathered in the O365 Query List.


I have the entire workflow running as expected but I am running into a problem. A few of the fields I am returning from the O365 Query list can be empty. When those fields are empty, they simply do not exist in the collection that I am running a For-Each loop on to update the list on the top level site. This throws off the index in the For-Each loop since what would normally be at index 3 isn't there, so now index 4 is now index 3 for that particular item. This then gives "Index property is greater than the number of items in the collection."


Any ideas on how whenever the O365 Query list action pulls an item with a blank field that it can just populate that field with "Blank" or something similar? Or any other ways around this that I haven't thought of yet?



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