Nintex for Office 365 unable to Print to PDF perfectly as per preview

Hi, To let you know that I am using Nintex for Office 365. Currently I am having a problem with my form. Here several queries that I would ask and need help to assist me a way to solve this issue. The issue as below:


  1. Images included in rich text field using URL are not displaying when printing to pdf. (The image is located in the same SharePoint Document Library site as the form)
  2. Certain form are encountering overlapping issues, where multiple line text fields are overlapping with a Repeating Section
  3. Does Nintex able to convert/adjust the font size to 50pt every time I paste the copy text into the Nintex field text?
  4. Does Nintex allow to configure check box properties whereby I want to set the check box become white color instead of grey color after the user checked on it?




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