How to store values from a 'Choice - Multiple' control on a SP list?

Maybe there's something straightforward I'm missing here, but if so I can't work it out.


On a Nintex O365 list form I add a Choice - multiple control. This, as I am aware, stores data as a collection. There doesn't however appear to be any way to store that data 'as is' to a data type on a SP list.


I can't connect the control directly with either a Single line of text or Multiple lines of text field. The only option I've found is to create a variable and apply a 'convertToString' function on the multiple - choice/collection variable and then use a rule to trick that variable value to write to a single line of text field I can connect to a SP list field. Only after that can I run a WF process over that to pull the collection apart.


This seems like a convoluted workaround. Surely there must be a simpler way to get the values from this type of control.



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Re: How to store values from a 'Choice - Multiple' control on a SP list?


Working with lookups on both forms and workflows is a bit of hard work. The way you are trying to do it, is probably the simplest, but I am not sure if you will get the desired result of extracting individual values from the string (I don't know what are the exact requirements)

The workaround I did for a similar requirements is as below

1) Connect form field to a multiselect choice field on the lists

2) Use query list workflow action to run on current item(ID={currentItemID})

3) Store the value/s from the field from query list to a collection variable 

4) Use "get item from collection" at index 0 to get the collection of multiselected values

5) You can store these to a text variable if you need all selected values or to a collection if you need

individual selected values 

6) Finally used for each to extract individual values

Hope this helps



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