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Cannot Apply Existing Rules to Controls on Forms

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  • In many instances, I've written complex rules on my forms. Then, I create a new control and need to apply an existing rule to the new control. I used to be able to do this with no problems by clicking "Add to selected controls" within the rule settings.
  • However, within the past two months or so, I've been unable to do this.
  • I am still able to click the  "Add to selected controls" option, but the rule never actually get applied to the controls I have selected.
  • Nintex forces me to select the control and only applies a rule when I create a brand new one for that control. This is inefficient and has created a lot of extra work for me. 


Does anyone know why might cause this?


As you can see, I posted recently about another strange issue. One of the Nintex SMEs at my company suggested I might have a corrupt implementation of Nintex that is causing these weird problems with functionality. Any ideas?

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Re: Cannot Apply Existing Rules to Controls on Forms

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This seems like a random error that occurs with certain rules and could not be 100% replicated by support. One suggestion would be to recreate the rule and then attempt to reapply it to the controls as needed. 


Also do note that the new responsive forms designer is slated for advanced preview soon which will help address issues around rules and controls. 

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