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Setting up an alert reminder on calendar item

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I'm trying to set up custom reminder on calendar item as so, each individual item has field called "reminder" which is number field, of course it's SharePoint calendar so I have also:


Start Date

End Date


Status (Not checked yet, checking... , done) 

Etc etc ... 

Now I want the get email notification like so:

 a. StartDate - reminderNum

b. sendMsg

I mean, if today minus the reminder day should be equals to... what? 

I can't figure it out. 

When reminderNum is lets, 2 days

Event set for 7/26 startDate

That means I want the reminder for 7/24, right? 

So I do I calculate it on workflow?

I know i need to use the

Calculate Date -> maybe Build a string to store the diff between both days and then what? 

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Workflow Hero

Re: Setting up an alert reminder on calendar item

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Hi Anon T

Which version of Nintex are you using? NWC or NW for O365?

Essentially, you have to first find the reminder date. This can be easily done by a calculated column in your calendar list.

You are subtracting ReminderDays from the StartDate and getting the date you have to send the reminder on.

Then you need to create a site workflow, which will be scheduled everyday. Within this workflow, query the calendar list items where ReminderDate = Today. Once you find these items, use For-Each loop and send the reminder.

Hope it helps.

PS: If this is not a NWC question, then you should post it in Nintex For Office 365 or Getting Started forums.

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