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Nintex Newbie

Adding +1 to a variable if a column = a number

I have a list where users can add a known issue logged against a IT Device from another list, Each IT Device entered generates it's own unique number in a column called DeviceID. So for example you could have 'Laptop A' selected and the issues of 1) poor display and 2) fragile screen logged against it, in DeviceID it has the number '6'.

What I need to happen is that as soon as the number of issues logged against an IT Device reaches 5 or more that it generates an email.

The problem I've got is that the IT Device field is free text and could be anything (Palm Top B, Desktop C).

I think what I need to do is to find a way in the Workflow so that when the DeviceID = 'whatever the number is' add a 1 to a variable, when variable = 5 send email.

Any ideas?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Adding +1 to a variable if a column = a number

Hello Darren Floyd‌,

Which workflow product are you using (on-prem, O365, or NWC)?

Have you considered using a repeating section for tracking each issue separately? If you went this route, your workflow could count the "number of issues" (based on repeating section rows) for a given device.

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