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NWC: Document Generation template and inserting collections?

I'm working with creating a Document Generation Template and using the Document Generation action in a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow. 


I'd like to take the results of a collection (which may have any number of items) and populate them into a DocGen template. Unfortunatly, the document tagger doesn't seem to include the collection items, or any way to generate a table from them. I THINK the Office365 version of docgen does have this functionality, but I could be mistaken. 


I don't want to have to grab each item in the collection to a seperate variable, because I don't know how many items will be in the collection. I also can't just build a string in the workflow because there is no way to format that string into a table that the document template will recognize (HTML seems to just come in blank, for example). 


Any ideas on how to achieve this? 




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Re: NWC: Document Generation template and inserting collections?

Document Generation for NWC unfortunately does not have Table functionality
Table functionality is available using Document Generation for O365.
You can create a O365 Component Workflow to do the doc gen and call it from a NWC workflow.
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