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Rules in Targeting Action


When using a Targeting action if it is not performing the way you need it to or if it is not showing a preview, check the rules. 



In the rules section of a Targeting Action you will see a screen like this:



Under Keystrokes you will see a Mode and a Speed rule that can be changed. 





Overwrite - will send a Home + Shift + Delete to clear out the target before the action executes.

Append - will place your cursor at the end of text before the action executes.

Insert - will place the cursor in the front of text before the action executes. 

None - Will do nothing before the action executes. This is usually the best option when sending specific keystrokes.



You can set the speed as appropriate for your needs.


Very Slow is best to use when troubleshooting and then you can increase speed as appropriate when your botflow is running correctly.


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