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Workday and Promapp - any tips?

A client has asked me what functionality Workday has to include Promapp.


Do you know if you can add links or iframes within Workday?

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Re: Workday and Promapp - any tips?

 Hi @BrettHutchinson ,


We are a Workday customer and recently asked the same question to the Workday Community.

Documenting critical employee life cycle events involving Workday is a top priority for us (especially as we have Workday operators in different locations across the globe.


As you may imagine this can result in process transaction variations, inefficiencies, data integrity challenges and less than stellar employee experiences.


If interested, we are always open to discussing and exchanging.


One thing we are doing is embedding minimodes into Knowledge Base articles...we woud love to start doing this in Workday Assistant too.



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