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In my form , I have a drop down list . If the user choose delete and submits the form, the workflow starts. First it goes to an user task. The user suspends the account and waits for a week to delete the account and then he deletes and approves and it goes to next user task.My question is how to I design the workflow for the wait period.I dont want to use escalation because i want to show action has been done(suspending account) so for delete request , i created a user task where after the account gets suspended it goes to the next task after a week for deletion.but how do I write line rule using inline function in context statement in k2 designer in the workflow? 


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Re: line rule in k2 designer workflow in context statement

Hi Devids,


Assuming that you have one line rule from suspend activity to delete activity, in such a case if you put any condition in line rule it will stop the flow when condition fails and  make your process as completed (as in initial when condition will fail,  there will be  no way for flow to move further and in such a cases flow status changed to completed). 


But you can achieve this using "Start rule or Succeeding rule "



Using Start rule :

Create two separate activities for both events  (example One activity lets name “Suspend Account”  for event "suspends the account ” and one activity lets name “Delete Account”  for  event  “deletion of user account”)


Now for activity “Delete Account”   add  Start Rule   and do the following configuration on it 

  • Select start  radio button  
  • Pass the value for days as 7 (you can also pass some dynamic value to it )

Let me know if this helps you

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