Standard Dialogue Box for User Responses. (Sizing the Form Automatically)

Hi All, 


I have a Standard Dialogue box SmartForm that allows me to give information to the client and get a response of Yes, No or Cancel.

The Form contains a View that allows a message to be displayed and an icon


the Form itself has the Yes, No and Cancel Buttons on it (See Image Below). 


What I found initially is that the form didn't automatically size correctly so I added a Height and Width value to each of my Messages in the SmartObject. (SmartObejct Fields Image below).


Thus far the only way I've been able to know what size the messages will be is through trial and error. The View has a Data Label on it that accepts a Literal Value, so that I can use HTML to space out the Message exactly so I know how big each one will be using break tags ect.




SmartObejct Fields



This leads me to my Question.

Does anybody know how to retrieve the Height and Width that is being displayed on the form, so that I can set this to exact demensions, so that I don't have to use trial and error to find the sizes of each message I add?


I realise that the way I'm doing it already may be the best option, but you never know unless you ask.




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