SmartForms Editable List - Aggregate Recalculate

We have an Editable ListView that we have an Aggregate Sum that we are having trouble getting it to Recalculate.  The only time we can get it to recalculate is when we press enter or click on the "(Add new row)" link.  This is causing us a problem because the Sum Amount shown isn't the sum of the lines in the Editable List.


Is there a way to get the Aggregate Sum to recalculate?  The 200.YUL training document has the message shown below in it.  So it appears that the aggregation should recalculate.


Note that the aggregation will automatically be re-evaluated when a value in the list changes. If you were using an

editable list, as soon as you move outside of the current list item, the aggregation will be recalculated.


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Re: SmartForms Editable List - Aggregate Recalculate

Hi Terry


You can call the rule "Apply changes to the editable list" which should finish any row edits and update any aggregate values. The issue is what event do you use to trigger calling this rule.