Another composite smartobject question...

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For those that know composite fairly well can I pick your brains? Any advice would be appreciated...


Currently; I have a data set returned by a SQL proc and exposed by a smart object.  I want to extend this dataset with an additional item of information that's the result of a .NET library call in a similar manner to how an inline SQL function evaluates for each row returned.  I have the .NET library exposed as a via the custom assembly endpoint.


Can a composite smart object provide this inline evaluation functionality?


To test this, I've added the additional output property via the smart objects' method bindings, set the services object to the correct function and bound the inputs properties of the function to the relevant smart object properties, however, when debugging via the SOTT the assembly is receiving null input values.  I'm presuming this is because the additional method binding does not have access to the row level properties that have been returned by the main SQL procedure.


Can anybody confirm if this is as expected?


I understand I could bring the SP data back to the smart form first, then push it through the .NET function but this seems a little inefficient when the smart form doesn't need access to the parameters used in the call and the data is fairly sizeable.











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Re: Another composite smartobject question...



I have seen composite smartobjects act differently with SQL smartobjects. There've been a lot of bugs around this. 


It's very possible that your hunch is accurate, and it's because it doesn't have access to row level properties. However, i've also seen just certain methods working and other methods not due to permissions on the table, primary key issues, how the service instance is configured, etc. 


A good test to see if it's the SQL smo or not-- is to implement a small-scale test with a SmartBox SmO, and the .Net function. 



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