Workflow and access to all data fields on my smartform

I currently have a smartform comprised of 3 different views of data.  


I then generated a workflow from the Smartform.


I am doing a basic approval process like the leave request example in the help documentation (except my smartform is more complex).  


In the 1st approval task step, I can see all the reference fields but some have blanks and when I try to use the email address from one of the views to email the 'approver', it is not sending the email to the person.  I entered my email directly into the reciepents email field and I recieved the email.


In my email I entered several of the reference fields and that is where I found some blank and some not blank.  The approver email had the correct value yet it won't work (as in no email is generated) when I drag that reference field into the recipients email address.


Obviously I am new to K2 Workflow and I seem to be missing a key piece as to how I  can reference the field values on the originally submitted form fto be used for the Aprrover Workflow task state.  Do values from each view have to be saved to a smartobject first so I can reference the values in another 'state' of the workflow?


 I feel like I am missing a key component.   Thanks for any help you can give guiding me in the right direction.





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Re: Workflow and access to all data fields on my smartform

Hello Maureen,

I believe you will need to save the data back to the SmartObject to pull it back into the Workflow. The Item Reference is a pointer to the SmartObject value and will need to be saved back there. We cannot reference data that is only sitting on a form unless we pass it as a Data Field/Variable into the workflow.
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