User K2 service cannot connect to K2 host server

Function in web service has an error when trying to connect to the K2 host server,

It shows the message "Authentication with the server failed" always.


If the K2 service user is "DomainXXUserXX",

I found the error logs below in the Host server logs.


"Error","Communication","8130","ConnectionPacketError","SourceCode.SocketService.Legacy::HandlePacket","8130 Error processing message from xxxx Authentication With Server Failed : The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to
at SourceCode.Hosting.Server.Runtime.HostSecurityManager.AuthenticateWindowsSession(String sessionCookie, String connectionString, String authReqSource)
at SourceCode.SocketService.Legacy.LegacySession.Authenticate(ArchiveX incomingPacket, MarshalMessageType messageMarshalType)
at SourceCode.SocketService.Legacy.LegacySession.<HandlePacketAsync>d__22.MoveNext()


"Error","General","1","GeneralErrorMessage","K2Worker.AuthConStr","1 Authentication failed for user DomainXXUserXX


It seems like the K2 service user has locked because if time passes from the error time about 30 minutes. It works fine.

Have a solution to solve this issue or not. If the web service set authentication is anonymous, is it possible to cause this problem or not?

I have surely not had type in the wrong user password. The authentication has occurred in web service.


Please help to advise. Thank you in advance.


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Re: User K2 service cannot connect to K2 host server

Hi Sumit,


1. Is the User For K2 Service, the K2 Service Account ? If not kindly try that account out and check if you still encounter this issue 

2. I have seen some users before that encountered this issue and when they changed their password and tried to login again, The error was resolved you can give it a shot


Hope this helps


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