Picker Control and Multiple values with SQL

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Trying to allow a user to filter a data set by using a picker control to select one or more values from a specific column.  User enters search parameters, then click a "Get results" button which displays the results in a SMO List view (non-editable).  The SmartObject being searched is a table from a SQL server database.


When I only allow one value in the picker it works just fine, and behaves as expected.  However, I can't seem to get the "multiple values" function to work, and have tried various setting combinations as well as added the   <add key="Forms.Controls.Picker.SetValueUseContains" value="true" /> to the web.config file for design/runtime.  


Goal is to have SQL return results for records where parameter = X OR parameter = Y (OR Z, OR...)


Anyone have ideas on if there is something I'm missing or should try?  

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Re: Picker Control and Multiple values with SQL

I think you are going to need to write a stored procedure in SQL to do a WHERE IN statement and pass in your query in a properly formatted string for SQL instead of going directly to the table for your list view.  

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