K2 5.4 Upgrade from K2 4.7

We have tried running the Setup Manager after a database restore, and we  end up with this error as attached in one of the servers. Please can you advise what we may be missing?


--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
at RestSharp.Http.GetRawResponseAsync(IAsyncResult result, Action`1 callback)
at RestSharp.Http.ResponseCallback(IAsyncResult result, Action`1 callback)
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at SourceCode.Configuration.Client.Extensions.RestClientExtensions.<ExecuteAndEnsure>d__0.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
at SourceCode.Configuration.Client.Helpers.AsyncHelper.RunAsSync(Func`1 func)
at SourceCode.Install.Package.Actions.K2.RegisterShard.Execute()
at SourceCode.Install.Package.Actions.AnalyzableAction.PopulateValidateAndExecute(Target target)
17:43:08:>> AnalyzableAction.PopulateValidateAndExecute: End execute standard action: SourceCode.Install.Package.Actions.K2.RegisterShard: Register Environment, result: False
17:43:08:>> Target.Execute: !Completed: Register Environment, Success: False
17:43:08:>> Component.Execute: Logged Error: Internal error has caused the install to terminate:
17:43:08:>> Executor.ExecuteComponent: Logged Error: Blocking execution exception occurred, install cannot continue:
17:43:08:>> Store.EncryptSensitiveVariables: Start.
17:43:08:>> Store.EncryptSensitiveVariables: Done.
17:43:08:>> DefaultFolderPaths.get_InstallDir: Install dir: D:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\
17:43:08:>> Execution.SaveInstallState: Move log to folder: D:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\Setup\Log
17:43:08:>> Executor.Execute: Logged Error: Unable to complete install, termination exception thrown:
17:43:08:>> Global.ShowAdvancedMsgBox: ==========================================
17:43:08:>> Global.ShowAdvancedMsgBox:
17:43:08:>> Global.ShowAdvancedMsgBox: Type: Failure
17:43:08:>> Global.ShowAdvancedMsgBox: Title: Blocking Error
17:43:08:>> Global.ShowAdvancedMsgBox: Content:


In addition in the second server, it refuses to progress more than this:




Any pointers  please?


Many thanks!


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Re: K2 5.4 Upgrade from K2 4.7

My only thought is we successfully upgraded from 4.7 but we went to 5.0 first. There's a significant step up from 5.0 to 5.2. Can you go to 5.0 first?

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Nintex K2 Expert
Nintex K2 Expert

Re: K2 5.4 Upgrade from K2 4.7



I will recommend you log a support case with Nintex Support and attach your InstallerTrace.


Your 2nd server got stuck because it is waiting for the 1st server to complete. Your 1st server encounters some sort of issue so the installation is not completed. This is why your couldn't progress any further with your 2nd server.

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