Browser translation extension (e.g. Google Chrome)

Is there a way to allow smart forms to be automatically translated through a browser plug-in?  I'm finding that it translates the SharePoint page, but does not translate any of the K2 smart form.  I know there are language packs available, but I don't want to invest in creating multiple versions of the form for the limited number of times a user cannot converse in English.


So, either: 1. Is there a way to enable this through Google Chrome?


2. Any other workarounds to make this as simple as possible?

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Re: Browser translation extension (e.g. Google Chrome)



I believe the closest thing that K2 offers that will affect SmartForms themselves is the mentioned language pack.  You can download it from this link here if you'd like to try it out:  https://portal.k2.com/products/k2fivelanguagepack5-0.



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