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Error: Version Conflict


Issue occurred for certain users when they would attempt to open a form from a user task email, the following message was displayed when opening the form:

"Error: Version Conflict"

This error would occur on certain occasions and was previously cleared up by refreshing the browser.


The issue was found to be in the mappings for the current form.


The issue was resolved by accessing the form that was running into problems. On the workflow state of the form, there were workflow rules that weren't configured correctly as something was changed in the design of the form. Accessing the workflow rules (i.e. when the workflow is at a certain user event), it was found that K2 had automatically changed the mappings of the form, which in turn means that something was changed in the workflow or form that caused these changes. After confirming that the mappings for the form were correct, testing was done to see if the error reoccurred, which it did not.

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