Drawloop - Adobe Sign Agreement Template Configuration for Drawloop DocGen


How to configure an Adobe Sign Agreement Template.


1. Configure the Adobe Agreement Template to map the desired fields and data: Adobe Sign for Salesforce User guide
2. Specify the desired Template on the Nintex Sign / Adobe Sign Delivery option in one of the following ways:
Classic experience:
1. Navigate to the desired Adobe Templates and locate the ID field. 
2. Copy this Id into the Template Id field on the Delivery Option ( Adding this field to the layout may be required)
LEDD experience: Nintex Sign/Adobe Sign Delivery Option
1. In your DocGen Package, click the Delivery tab.
2. In the Select Delivery Method or Storage Location pane, expand Electronic Signature and click Nintex Sign/Adobe Sign.
3. Complete the required fields and select the template from the dropdown list.

Additional Common Configurations 

Record ID and Send on Behalf of based on owner
a. Mapping data from the record.
adobe 1-000155.png

2. The Recipient Contact field for the Recipient:
Note: Drawloop DocGen currently does not support runtime variables

a. Selecting a field for the recipient.
adobe 2-000158.png
adobe 4-000156.png
3. Static or Dynamic Send On Behalf Of. (Any SOBO User Must have the "Adobe Sign Allow Sending As Other Users" Field Check on the User Detail Page and be an Active User in your AdobeSign Account.)

adobe 3-000157.png

Expected Outcome:
1. The DocGen Package will be Generated
2. The agreement Template will be loaded with the generated file. 
3. The ID and SOBO will be mapped to the Adobe Agreement Template and will pull the Record Owner for the SOBO user. 



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