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Using Workflows to Break Inherited Item Permissions

How to design a workflow that has a functionality to update the workflow initiator item permission when the workflow initiator does not have Full control to the List. 
Create the following two workflows:

Workflow 1

  1. Drag and drop "Office 365 update item permissions" action. 
  2. Configured the actions as per required by following the instruction from the help file of Office 365 update item permissions.
  3. Save and Publish the workflow.

Workflow 2

  1. Drag and drop "Start Workflow" action. 
  2. Configure the Start Workflow  as below:
    • Workflow name is WORKFLOW 1.
    • Username and Password are using an account that has an Administrator (Full Control) permission. 
    • Other fields can be configured by following the instruction from the help file of Start Workflow 
  3. Save and Publish the workflow.
  4. Run the WORKFLOW 2 using a workflow initiator that has a Limited access to the List.  
  • A user account is required to have a "Full Control" permission to the List to run the "Office 365 Update item permission"  action to break the "Inherit permissions from parent" and "Remove existing permissions"
  • When a "Start Workflow" action triggered by the workflow initiator that has a Limited access but configured using Administrator permission, the Update item permission is automatically run using Administrator permission as well. 
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