Text Field Validation with with button click in Nintex forms for Office 365

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We have a Form

in which we would like to have form validation enabled for

  • First Name,
  • Last Name and
  • Department/School
  • Manager 

as seen in the picture below. I have setup Validation Rule NotEmptyWhen isNullOrEmpty({Self}) for all the controls I'm interested in validatin.

So far so good,

What happens in the next screen is that there is a button, which on click takes the users to another screen to select a bunch of systems. A simple script onclicent click does the trick. But, for some reason, VALIDATION is NOT applied.

goStep(3) sweetly takes the form to the next form for system's to select. When the user click FINISH immaterial of the value of text fields, the item gets submitted. Bad, form, bad person, bad swetha.

I am sure its an easy fix, but am stumped. So i was hoping you gurus can help me resolve this issue.

I was pretty sure I posted this qsuegtion somewhere, but can't seem to find it for the life of me(been that kinda day),so posting it again.

Attached is the Nintex form exported xml file. Perhaps Nintex Ninjas here can help this sister force her users to Submit their FirstName, LastName, Managers and Departments?

Tagging rockstars who were very helpful and assisted me brilliantly in the past.

Thanks in advance

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