Nintex Solution Innovation Awards - Customer 1

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Nintex Products used for customer: 

  • Nintex Form 
  • Nintex Workflow 
  • Nintex Mobile / App Studio 
  • Nintex Hawkeye 


Client embarked on Office 365 and engaged a service provider to design their Nintex form and Nintex workflows. Nintex form & Nintex workflow started behaving in an under-optimal manner DUE TO PERFORMANCE ISSUES. The system had BECOME UNSTABLE and started throwing cryptic errors. The primary reason was due to POOR APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN. SharePoint lists involved in the design contained more than 200 columns and had 8 workflows which were sequential in nature, not streamlined and simplified.  


NINTEX Partner proceed to PROPOSE A NEW DESIGN with streamlined workflow processes.  The new design had a main list with FEWER COLUMNS and majority fields were kept within the Nintex form which REDUCED THE NINTEX FORM LOAD.

A single NINTEX WORKFLOW was used the state machine for IMPROVED MAINTENANCE of a workflow in the FUTURE. The workflow is COMPLEX type but VERY WELL DOCUMENTED.

Customer had a requirement to check if system could find any SUSPENDED/FAILED WORKFLOWS. The system should email the system owner a list of all suspended workflows. NINTEX Partner made CUSTOM POWERSHELL SCRIPT with NINTEX APIs that sends a weekly email to the system owner.

Client also used NINTEX HAWKEYE to gain insights into their workflow usage, user’s PARTICIPATION and view how MANY PEOPLE were using Nintex. It is particularly important for them as they have many branches worldwide and they can find bottlenecks for specific regions. 

Solution Design for the customer with screenshots. 

Nintex Form: 

Nintex Workflow: 

Nintex Workflow

Nintex Mobile / App Studio: 

Nintex Mobile

Nintex Mobile

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