Creating AZURE AD Group by Office 365 NINTEX Workflow

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Recently, we were working for a client who wanted to migrate on-premise NINTEX Forms and Workflows into O365. But the challenges we faced while creating an Azure Security group by using Office 365 Nintex workflow. As such there is no direct component that can be used in O365 to achieve the goal as like on-premise/enterprise edition. It was very urgent from client perspective and so we can't wait for NINTEX help-desk to reply on that. We have implemented with our own ideas and thoughts and hopefully it will help you in coming days until NINTEX is providing a straight forward component in Office 365 to achieve this.

Solution to Add/Edit/Delete Azure AD Groups involves a four-step process:

Step 1: Having an app registration in Azure that will have the rights to create, update, delete Azure AD group.

Step 2: Getting TENANT ID, APP ID, and CLIENT SECRET while registering the App.

Step 3: Authenticate user through web request and get hold of bearer token that will be used in successive web request calls.

Step 4: Use a web request to create a group.

Please click here for detail implementation of Step 1 and Step 2.

Please click here for detail implementation of Step 3 and Step 4.

Hope this will at least give you a way to implement this type of requirement when you face a similar situation. There could be a better idea and hopefully NINTEX will also provide a direct workflow component  in O365 in future; till then this could be a handy guide.