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Why You Get this Nintex Drawloop Error and What To Do

Workflow Hero
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Sweat drips steadily from your brow as your deadline draws near; months of hard work are moments from fruition, and all that is needed now is your client's signature. Just as you prepare to send them the fruits of your labor, you receive an error: “One or both Username or Password are Invalid”. All the more maddening is that you just confirmed your DocuSign login credentials!

While undoubtedly frustrating, this is also an easily resolvable issue, obfuscated by the fact that it's technically neither your username or password causing the error, but mismatched API keys. 

In order to resolve, the issue, you'll need to open both your DocuSign Account page, as well as your Drawloop Admin Third Party Integrations screen.

1-Open the DocuSign Admin site. You can navigate here by opening "DocuSign for Salesforce"-->"DocuSign Admin"--> "DocuSign". Once you select "DocuSign", you will be taken to your DocuSign page. In the top right corner, select "Go To Admin".

2-On the left hand side, select "API and Keys". This should take you to the following page, from which you will want to copy the "API Account ID"

3-Navigate to "Drawloop Admin". On the left hand side, under "Configurations", select "Third Party Integrations". Next to "DocuSign", select "edit". You will want to save the "Account ID" as a precaution, although you will likely never use it again. 

4-Replace the "Account ID" with the "API Account ID" you copied from DocuSign, and select save. 

Voila! This should resolve the source of the errors.