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O365 Groups, Roles, and Membership Accounts

Automation Master
Automation Master
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When attempting to provide everyone in my tenant permissions to very public content, I ran into trouble understanding the various options I have. Traditionally when on premise, We would grant the All Authenticated Users access to home pages to make sure all users can have access. In O365 and SharePoint Online there are new groups available but each has a slight differentiating attribute. Here they are and what defines them.





All authenticated and guest usersc:0(.s|true
Everyone Except External UsersAll users except shared usersc:0-.f|rolemanager|spo-grid-all-users/{GUID}
All Authenticated UsersAll user accounts which can be recognized by SharePoint Online, both for internal and external. (Some tenants didn't show this option in the picker)
All Users (Windows)User accounts from Federated domainsc:0!.s|windows
All Users (Membership)All user accounts from Office 365 Online Servicesc:0!.s|forms:membership
Nintex Newbie

Thanks Andrew for explaining. What about providing everyone within your domain access to the homepage of an Intranet but excluding those users registered from a non company domain ? (the users registered on invite with for example a gmail account etc or other company account) ? On Prem, that was de domain users group.

Automation Master
Automation Master

You can still create domain groups to be synced up in Azure as well as create your own Azure groups that do not sync to anything in AD on prem. You would use an Azure group if the extra domains were federated. Or use the Everyone Except External if they are shared user accounts.