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January Mission - Publish a post and have it liked 10 times

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If you missed it, we've wiped the slate clean and everyone is starting the new year with zero points, I wrote up an overview here Introducing the New Community Points System‌.

Each month we'll have a new mission where you can earn extra points when you complete the mission.

Introducing the first Nintex Connect mission!

Some of you have already discovered this feature, but for those who haven't, the mission I've set in place for January is to publish a blog post on the Learn More space, and have it liked at least 10 times within the month! This post can be on anything you think might benefit other community members. Perhaps you want to repost a blog post you have written on another site, or you want to talk about a scenario you have worked on, and how you solved it. Talk about what you've discovered since using Nintex, common scenarios you see etc.

Once you have your post up, don't forget to spread the work. Mention is in your community status update, share with people you know, tweet it out with the #nintexconnect, make as much noise as you can!

If you can successfully complete this mission, you'll receive 200 additional points (a great way to boost your profile), and also be featured on a list of the top January blog posts

Happy blogging!

Emily, your community manager

Nintex Newbie

I believe this will make my first blog post! Hopefully I can get those 200 points!!!

Nintex Newbie

Is it just me or not everyone can post to blogs here? Looks like some button escapes me in the UI. How do you do this?

Nintex Newbie

I had this problem too. You have to go to Learn More then click on 'Content'. The link to create a blog will appear in the lower left corner.


Nintex Newbie

how can i add a blog