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Getting even deeper linking with Nintex Mobile and Nintex Mobile Enterprise

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UPDATE: with the roll out of version 3.9 Nintex Mobile Enterprise can now utilise deep linking features within their multiple apps. Rather than using nintexmobile:// to reference the app simply use ntx-appnamenospaces:// (App Name No Spaces) For example.

If I had 2 Nintex apps installed one called 'Crestan Human Resources' and the other 'Crestan Info Tech' the urls would be;

  • ntx-crestanhumanresources://
  • ntx-crestaninfotech://

With this month's release of the 3.8 version of Nintex Mobile, my friends at ALS Trucking have asked me back to do a little more work on site. You can read about what I did there here Dude you're so deep, Nintex Mobile deep linking that is..

At their main facility they have had a number of break-ins. These break-ins have been enabled by doors being left unlocked and due to tough economic times, ALS Trucking cannot justify the services of 24hr security guard. So they implement a roster for all the office staff to conduct a lock up protocol every night.

For it to work, they use the same technology as their truck safety check system (as seen in the link above). So let me build it out for you..

All the facility staff have logins unlike their driving colleagues. To make the process as seamless as possible, but also have a level of satisfaction that the doors are being checked. They use Nintex Mobile to do the check-in and submit back to Sharepoint.

So how do we do this without making a pain for the person on shift.. Easy.. This month sees the release of some new capabilities within the deep linking feature set..

First thing we are going to do is create the list we need, and build out the Nintex Forms and Mobile Layout

Nice and simple.. And that's the point.. it isn't rocket science.. All we need to collect is the location of the door and the date and time that it was checked. Authentication takes care of knowing "who" checked the door, (i.e. the author of the item).

This is where the new stuff comes into play.. What I want happen is using a QR reader app on the device.. I want the staff member to scan a QR code that has been attached to the door in question. That QR code has an embedded link that will fill in the Nintex Mobile form and automatically submit it.. Nice right ?

For the QR code; I need to build out the link like this:


Using a QR Generator like QR code - Bing


Now for simplicity sake, I'll break down the URL

Parameter descriptions


A parameter is a name-value pair, using equals (=) between the name and value. Separate parameters using ampersands (&).

All parameter values should be URL encoded. For information on URL encoding, see

nintexmobile:// (Open the App)

form (This is the action.. I'm telling the app what form to open)

ntx-name=Security%20Check (The list name is Security Check encoded *Note that this is the name, not the url eg site/List1/AllItems.aspx)

Title=Back%20Roller%20Door%20East (The field I want to pre-populate)

ntx-autosubmit=true (Use with true value to automatically submit the identified form with the indicated values in specified form fields. Default is false)

ntx-msgSuccess (Custom heading text to display when automatic submission. Default = Done)

To go through the use how this works.. Currently I have to use a QR reader on my device.. Now there were hundreds of them across all devices.. So pick the one that suits.

So as you can see, very quick, very slick.. With the data piping through to my SharePoint list straight away

So very awesome

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amazing use of real life scenari , thank you for sharing ! (spoiler alert if you watch the video: it won't make much sense if you don't read the article! )

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Hi Dan...have had a play with this and it's great! Lot's of applications I can think of as well as the ability to rework some existing stuff to make it much simpler.

My question though is about Nintex Mobile Enterprise. Let's say I'm lucky enough to have a branded app (or 5!)...when I generate it, do I get the opportunity to specify a URL scheme for it? So my app is called 'Stocktake'...can I create a link or QR code to stocktake://...etc?

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Stay very tuned Barry Cairns​.. will update this post in a couple of days..

Automation Master
Automation Master

are ntx-* parameters supported with Nintex Mobile (no enterprise)?

if I eg. try to use ntx-msgLoading or ntx-autosubmit I do get "requested item was not found" error.

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Hey Marian Hatala​, yes they do.. Are you able to post your link ?

Automation Master
Automation Master

Dan Stoll​, here are some examples.

following links work fine for me:



but for either of following ones I get a "Requested item was not found" error:




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Thanks for that. Can you confirm the version number for me and the platform ? the ntx- commands weren't released with the initial deep linking capability. So it might be possible that you have an older version.

Automation Master
Automation Master

nintex forms 2013 version

nintex mobile version 3.9

anything else you would need?

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Can you tell me what type of fields uname and prop are ?

I will try and replicate it for you .

Automation Master
Automation Master

both of them are of type single line of text.

uname is form field not connected to a list column.

prop is form field connected to the list column and takes over its datatype. if that matters, the column is inherited to the list from content type.

find details on following pics


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Hey Marian Hatala​ can you try with ntx-id


id is the legacy way of doing before the feature was enabled within Mobile Enterprise. Once that happened all the commands where given an unique identifier. As it is still supported, this is why it works when no other ntx- commands are used, and why it fails as soon as you try to use them.

Let me know how this goes.  

Automation Master
Automation Master

you are very right, ntx-id perfectly works.

somehow I haven't spotted the difference between id na ntx-id.

maybe you might make an error message clearer...

or what about to automatically recognize GUID pattern after id/ntx-id?

anyway, many thanks for your help!

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This is pretty cool.

I can only get it to work with text fields an choice fields where the values are harcoded in Nintex forms. Dropdowns that get their contents from Sharepoint does not work.

How can I get that to work?



Automation Master
Automation Master

Love the auto-submit part of this.  That's gold! ;)

Automation Master
Automation Master

Dan Stoll​, any ideas how to get it working for dropdowns/lookups?

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This should work and I have confirmed this. I suggest you create a community question if you are still having issues getting this to work correctly. If you link it to me I'll have a look.

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Automation Master
Not applicable


Thanks for that, I was unaware there was already a thread. Sounds like I already answered it too!

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thank you for the great article.

all the articles i read is about generating a URL to open a new form on the app

is it possible to open a task form on the mobile?

for example, in the workflow task notification, instead of only adding the "approval URL", add another URL that opens the workflow task form through the enterprise app.

is it possible?

Thank you


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is there any limitations when opening the links through outlook app?

i tried to open the link from outlook but it just opens a blank page within the outlook.

but i tried to open the link from the native mail app, it opened normally.

anyone else facing this problem?

Thank you


Nintex Newbie

Dan Stoll‌ It does not recognize the App Studio app name. For example:


Also, it would be beautiful if we could generate QR's in on premise share point list or through nintex using web services or something.