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Getting disconnected data from your Nintex Form into your Nintex Workflow

Automation Master
Automation Master
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Sometimes we have disconnected data in our form that we do not require in the underlying list, but may need as part of our workflow process.

In this example I show you how to utilise the very helpful Form Data available in Nintex Workflow to pull information from the form that submitted the data in the first place.

List Settings

  • Custom list with title field as standard called "FormDataDemo"

Form Settings

  • Customise the "FormDataDemo" list using Nintex Forms
  • Add Single Line Textbox control to the form with the following settings:
    • Name:  UnconnectedTextBox
    • Connected to:  Not connected
    • Data type:  String
  • Publish the form

Workflow Settings

  • New nintex workflow on list "FormDataDemo"
  • Start when items are created
  • Query XML action:
    • XML source:  XML
    • XML:  {ItemProperty:FormData}
    • Output 1 - XPath:  /FormVariables/UnconnectedTextBox
    • Store result in: New variable "vTextUnconnectedTextBox"
  • Log in history list:  vTextUnconnectedTextBox

Of course you are likely wanting to work with that value, not just log it to history list, but this was just for demo purposes and to help resolve a question asked on the community.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Always useful. And remember, if you don't give your control a name, it will appear in the XML as a GUID, so a really good idea to name your controls!

I had came across a bug in O365 where you can't name your attachment controls in the responsive designer (not sure if the same applies on prem) so had to dig around for the GUID to get to the control. Luckily the GUID will remain the same unless you delete and add the control again.

Nintex Newbie

How to get disconnected Nintex form fields people picker & drop-down(lookup) values in Nintex Workflow. I tried with Query XML but unable to get the results please help me to get drop-down lookup id & people picker email id.

Automation Master
Automation Master

have you posted a question with some screenshots?