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List of IP addresses that Nintex for Office 365 Emails use


Is it possible to provide a list of IP addresses that Nintex for Office 365 Emails use? 


No, this is not possible as the mail service provider Shared IPs may change without notice.

Additional Information

Nintex leverages Mandrill (now MailChimp) for external email send and workflow notifications.
Whitelisting by IP is not recommended because Mandrill's shared IPs may change without notice, and the recipient would be whitelisting all mail sent via Mandrill. If whitelisting by IP is the only option, the recipient domain will want to check for the most up-to-date IP information in the TXT record for This record will be updated whenever new IPs are added to Mandrill's sending IP range. If a receiving server is whitelisting the range, it's recommended they periodically check to ensure they have the current range used by Mandrill.

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