windows chrome - not loading the page properly but Mac Does

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I have a skuid page working in Mac- Chrome or some other browser.
but where as in windows , it is like loading . . . loading . . .

As shown in snapshot ------ any pointers ?

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that’s curious. Are you sure it still works in Mac-Chrome? Usually I get that loading… infinity when I’ve broken a javascript snippet. Is it possible you made a change to the page but Mac-Chrome is loading a cached version? I’ve had responsive grids behave strangely on IE vs. Chrome, but never between two different operating systems with same browser, and definitely not total breakdowns. Not saying it’s not possible, just curious. 

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Yah - it’s not loading in any of the browsers on windows , but in Mac I haven’t found any issue in loading.

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This may be related to a bug in Skuid where the loading message just isn’t going away. Does the page seem to work properly except for that loading message at the top?

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Hi Ben,

2 - things here :

1. CSS not loading on Windows Machine  [uploaded Zip file issue  ]
2. Double loading message [ It’s bug as per the email received from Skuid Product Team, we are advised to check Banzai 8 release notes for bug fixes and we are running couple of updates behind ]

You can have this answered Ben.

Thanks for all your responses.