On-Click Action redirect to Account Page

  • 10 July 2024
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I am looking to redirect to an account page when clicking the appropriate data from a chart. I have a chart with data broken up by account, and when the user clicks on the data I am attempting to redirect them to the page of that account. I tried doing this using Redirect to URL action for the on-click action, but I’m pretty sure I also need a Java snippet to run to be able to do this. Anyone know of the Java to help run this action?

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1 reply

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You should be able to do this without Javascript. 

You can get data from the chart and pass it into your url parameter using merge syntax.  Add actions under each series to configure what you want to have happen when the chart element is selected. 

For example  if you define a url like this   “apex/accountDetail?Id={{rows.0.Id}}”    the Id field from the first row in the chart element (say column) will be passed into the url. 

This post has some good conversation about the data that can be extracted from charts and passed into your actions…