model condition to set ID of custom object related to the Contact = running User ID

  • 10 July 2024
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We have created a page with a model condition where the ‘ = (userinfo) User ID’ and this works perfectly.  When we open the case created, the Contact = the User who created the case.  We want to see the same Contact pulled into another related field called Hiring Manager which is related to the Contact object but nothing seems to work.  How do we write the syntax of the model condition so that we see the Hiring Manager’s name = Contact’s Name = the running User?  Note that we use Person Accounts.  

1 reply

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Hi Meryl,

I’m not sure I understood it completely,

But if correct, you want when a new case is created for the to be equal to current user ID (which you’ve accomplished) and want to do the same for a related model (contact)'s hiring manager field 

Is this contact already created? or you want to create a new one as well?

Or is it an existing contact and you just want to have the field ‘hiring manager’ to be equal to current user ID?

Please clarify , and some screenshots may help