mobile conditional rendering

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It looks like there is currently no way to conditionally render decks or wrappers in the mobile builder? Is that the case for everyone?

Will conditional rendering work on mobile if I hack the XML?

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The mobiledeck XML contains :

But we can’t access it through the builder?

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Ah, it looks like I had the same issue as Dave here:

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That’s odd. When you click on the deck, you should see what I see below which has a render conditions section … Do you not see that?


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Hi Karen, it was Because of the TFG component enabled for mobile,
If I understood correctly, his issue has been fixed.

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Dave is correct. Problem solved.

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Matt -

Where you running an older version of TFG Components (prior to v1.3) when you were experiencing this problem?  If not, I’ll take another look at the fix I made in v1.3.

As of v1.3 of the TFG Components, it should no longer break the mobile builder even when enabled for Mobile.  That said, TFG Components should only be enabled for Desktop (see release notes).  Unfortunately, there is no way in the component pack to specify it doesn’t support mobile so it’s a manual step when creating the pack 😦

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Hey Barry. Unfortunately I have no idea what version of your component pack I was running. 😉

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No worries Matt.  I’m guessing it was an older version (or at least hoping) 🙂