Link to pages with same name. Which will skuid choose?

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What kind of sort order does skuid use when finding a page based on its name?

Suppose I have pages with the same name, in different modules:

  • MyCoolPage in AwesomeModule
  • MyCoolPage in ModuleOfAwesomeness
If I run a url redirect with this:


Which page will skuid choose? Is that something I can predict based on the properties of the page?

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I think we support the module parameter.


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Yes. I understand the module parameter. I’d like to know if there is predicatable behavior without the module parameter.

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I believe it’s this…

1st Priority: Pages with no module.
2nd Priority: The order of your module picklist field on the skuid__Page__c object. Where picklist entries lowest on the list would be given priority over entries higher on the list.

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The last shall be first.

Thanks, Ben!