usage of "%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing or displaying message in box action

  • 31 January 2020
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Hello Team,


I am trying to find documentation related to useage of "%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing (partial match, begins with etc.) or displaying personalized message in box action.


Or can you please provide direction on what I should refer for this?





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Hi @KrishnenduB,

I would like to help, however, I am a little unclear on what you are actually trying to achieve. Could you maybe describe specifically what you want to do - ideally providing some screenshots showing it?

Thank you so much for willing to help on this.


What I meant was like this:

When do I use these special charecters for fdisplaying a popup message? e.g. [!customerName] has [%NoofShares] , when I use expression builder, these automatically gets added !, %, * etc. I am not sure what does "!"or  "%" or "*" means? Is it for files it is "*" and for data it is "!"? What are these prefixes?

Hi @KrishnenduB 


Those a simply indicators of the type of token that is being referenced.

% = Variable token, as in [%NoofShares]

! = Data base token, as in [!customerName]

? = formula

* = 'system' token, such as [*date] or [*DESKTOP_DIRECTORY]

@ = emulator key token, which won't be an option unless you're working with an emulator

^ = keyboard token, such as [^Ctrl+S] or [^Enter]

(I believe that is all of them, I'm sure Mathias will chime in if I forgot one :smileyvery-happy: )


Like you said, these are automatically added when you select a token in the Expression Builder so you don't have to worry too much about memorizing what each does. This may happen naturally over time, and at that point typing might be faster going thru the Expression Builder, but Nintex RPA will never require you to memorize these tokens.




Thank you so much John. This is exactly what I was looking for. I understand that I may not have to use these manually but now I am clear on the indicators used for tokens.